July 18, 2018No Comments

Co-Designing with Users is Better

Why design sprints with users rather than for users is the better way to create meaningful, impactful product design.

Everyone involved in user experience design know the benefits of doing design sprints to speed up innovation for brands and product design. Google Ventures Daniel Burka’s latest post about why design agencies should embrace sprints is just the latest convincing point of view. Historically, design sprints sprang from IDEO and Google Ventures who have been the big champions for the process influencing how UX designers and researchers think about rapid ideation, prototyping and user validation.

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July 17, 2018No Comments

Can We Design Friendship?

Our agency iiD has spent a good deal of time researching and designing digital “spaces” for Gen Z to interact with each other in new ways.

At our design firm we’ve learned a lot about how design can affect human relationships. Digital products and experiences that help sustain friendships have a better chance to succeed. Time and again we’ve asked ourselves, “Can we design friendship for young people?”

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July 16, 2018No Comments

Does Your Company Need a Chief Globalization Officer?

To compete globally, companies need to rethink the ways they communicate, design products/services, and conduct business with the outside world. The introduction of a new “chief globalization officer” role in the C-suite is an innovative approach for Japanese and U.S. companies alike to grow on an international scale.

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December 19, 20171 Comment

Respect Effect App Wins Five Awards

iiD is thrilled to announce that we have won three W3 Awards and two Davey Awards for the Respect Effect, a mobile app to promote healthy relationships among teens.

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November 15, 2017No Comments

Launching Protagonist’s Online Brand to Deliver New AI for Marketers

The iiD team is proud to launch Protagonist’s new website and online brand to communicate their innovative AI technology for marketers.

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