The iiD team is proud to launch Protagonist’s new website and online brand to communicate their innovative AI technology for marketers.

Protagonist delivers the first intelligent technology platform to harness Big Data, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to identify, measure and shape narratives.

Protagonist VP of Marketing Damon Waldron praised, “Lance and the iiD team again did a fantastic job on a website redesign that I’ve been responsible for. Protagonist has a very advanced and potentially complex product for our buyers to understand and they built a site that clearly and effectively engages the user. The site also has the polish and great UI that our clients, including brands like Microsoft and LinkedIn, expect.”

iiD partner Lance Shields commented, “We were excited to partner with Protagonist on this site refresh and think they offer powerful consumer intelligence to go well beyond what traditional market research or social listening can do. We also loved collaborating with Damon, our second time since”

Check out the new site: