Rally Health
A campaign to drive enrollment

Rally Health
A campaign to drive enrollment


Helping you stay healthy
Drive enrollment in a new, as-yet-unknown healthcare program.

Designing friendship
Webby Award winner for revamping the program experience in sync with the digital lives of teens

Rally Health provides a personalized experience making it easier for everyone to improve their health and find the best care for the right price. The health startup had the challenge of attracting new users to their app and challenge based platform. I was tasked with leading our team to create a social advertising and landing page campaign to increase enrollment.

That’s Not Cool campaign originally launched in 2009 by non-profit organization Futures Without Violence to address the digital relationship issues of teens. Over time the program had matured with dramatic changes in the ways young people use mobile and social. Key goals for the redesign were recruitment of new members, engagement through user-generated content, and increase social sharing. It won the 2016 Webby Awards for the non-profit category.

Role:  Strategy / Creative Direction / UI Design

Role:  Strategy / UX Design Lead / Creative Direction

Seven emotional and health benefit messages and ad creatives were created and tested for short time periods before running the full-length ad campaign to drive traffic to the landing pages. Copy, design, and motion design were iterated on.

To better understand the needs, attitudes and behaviors of current teen users, I led design workshops with students in high schools in San Francisco. Rather than steering the conversation in a specific direction, our design-driven method gave teens the opportunity to have peer discussion, sketch and brainstorm. 

Test and iterate
7 messages were tested across 3 channels

Listening to GenZ
Design sprint facilitation


Design for conversion
Convincing employees to try out a healthier lifestyle

Design and function
Making members happy

Our landing pages had to give the right information and a convincing enough story to encourage employees with health coverage that partnered with Rally Health to give the program a try. We tested 3 different approaches: lifestyle, brand, and product focused creative directions. In the end, the more product-focused approach showing the app (below right) and features was a clear winner. We learned people want a tangible idea of how they will use the program.

That’s Not Cool site needed to be completely redesigned to be a relevant brand to teens today. My research showed that Gen Z is more interested in social causes than the past Gen Y crowd, when the site was originally created. I provided creative direction that moved away from “entertaining” with funny sock puppets to instead speak with them as respected young people. As a personality, I directed the site to be energetic, smart, interactive and real.


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