Nothing with a Name

'Nothing with a Name' is my first photo zine. This photo project was my investigation into capturing only things that do not have obvious names. Evolving from a series of photos taken in my home city San Francisco as well as New York and Tokyo, my goal was to photograph without using verbal language in order to get to the essence of seeing itself. In other words, I have attempted to be free of the name of the thing he was seeing. All of the photos were captured on film with 35mm and medium format cameras.

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Surface Tension

Living in a city in America I photograph mostly things and occasionally a stranger. I wonder about the surface of things. Who lives in that building, behind those walls, glass reflecting outward like eyes. I realize I am interested in taking photos that show the scratches of time, the half-buried bike wheel in a bush, and those places that are in focus at times, and blurry the next moment. Back at home, a vase of water holds decaying flower petals, floating on top, lighter than liquid. It occurs to me that what I can see is just what reflected light shows me. If I were a different species or from another planet what I’d see with a different set of eyes could look very different. A sunset might leave no impression at all. Yet with my camera I try to find something that attracts me from what lies on the surface. What if beauty really is just skin deep?

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