1. Beginning a ‘Miscellaneous Stuff’ project

    2023-02-07 22:42:13 UTC
    When I think about the sort of subjects I like to shoot, I’m naturally drawn to random everyday things: garbage, bicycles, houses, furniture, trees, water, hair, sunlight, shadows, cracks, graffiti, etc. In other words, miscellaneous stuff. People sometimes work their way into my work but I am mostly a street…

  2. LA Roadtrip: Jan 2023

    2023-02-06 17:51:21 UTC
    My daughter Aria going to college in Los Angeles has gotten my wife and me to go down regularly to visit her, visit photo galleries (especially Rose Gallery), eat good Korean, van camp, and of course surf warmer waters. On this last trip we camped north of Malibu at Pt…

  3. Donuts, Flags and Garbage

    2022-03-16 04:51:00 UTC
    I believe this series of color film photos were the beginning (early 2022) of my fascination with the unnoticed, uncared-for, and forgotten elements of city life. With Covid-19 continuing but momentarily ebbing, I found myself wanting to get out more and mix with life in San Francisco and I encounter…

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