1. Jump

    2024-01-09 15:14:00 UTC
    What if you’re on a tropical island and you ask your grown kids to jump?

  2. Time-lapse experiment with mirror

    2024-01-06 19:14:00 UTC
    Time-lapse photography makes sense as a way to show time passing, as with a sun setting, a flower opening, or crowds moving through Tokyo. It’s fun to watch and can produce interesting results that we can’t see with the naked eye. It’s often used in films and movies as CG…

  3. Highlights from 2023

    2023-12-25 21:03:54 UTC
    It’s been a fantastic year taking photos in SF, LA, NYC, Japan, the UK and India. It was also my first year participating in SF Open Studio and creating my first photo zine, Nothing with a Name. Looking back at these selected photos, it’s hard to believe it was just…

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