1. Sum of the Parts

    26 Feb 2023
    At Adobe inside a slack channel focused on photographic experiments, we are currently doing a photo assignment from Photographer’s Playbook by Jason Fulford and Gregory Halpern. The assignment is called “Sum of the Parts” by visual artist Carlos Van de Roer and is as follows: Make two photographs that you

  2. The Challenge of B&W

    22 Feb 2023
    I find shooting black and white challenging. With the history of photography pointing back toward black and white photos being the formal and artful way to shoot (until Eggleston rocked the boat,) today it’s hard to shoot anything without it looking aesthetically “goodish”. It’s all about getting those tones right,…

  3. Miscellaneous Stuff - Part 2

    13 Feb 2023
    I took a photo walk in the Mission district on Saturday night with my old friend Charlie. It seems to be a new iteration of the “miscellaneous stuff” of evening glimpses of things and places. The gritty and colorful are different in the Mission so I’m not certain this is…

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